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Katrina Blog Project
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Katrina #2

Since Katrina, it has been convincingly shown that most of the flooding that occurred in the New Orleans area was not a result of the storm surge overtopping the levees. It was a result of levee failure.

With that knowledge, it it great to see that the Louisiana legislature has determined that absolutely nothing needs to be done. Whew! I was really afraid someone might take seriously the crazy idea that the levee management system should be overhauled, creating a new superdistrict that would make levee planning more efficient and consistent across parish lines.

Thank God the courageous powers-that-be had the backbone to stick up to that rascal Senator Walter Boasso, who has the nerve to put common interest in front of political patronage. Once again the legislature and the governor have bravely defended the good ol' boy networks who really got it done for us in the last storm.

This weekend, when I am out watering my lawn in sunny, beautiful St. Bernard Parish, I'll keep those goodfellas in mind.

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