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The contents of this website are for contemplative purposes only. No medical advice will be given, and emails asking for medical advice will be ignored.

Although patient vignettes are based on my experiences with real individuals, I liberally change details to maintain patient confidentiality.

I also reserve the right to change old postings to correct errors, and to delete comments that include obscene language or that I deem abusive to me or other commentators.  If you are looking for a open mind, I suggest you consult a neurosurgeon.

This is my collection of essays which I posted during Holy Week 2016. There is an introduction, followed by seven sections, each of which is a refection on the sayings of Jesus sometimes referred to as the Seven Last Words of Christ.



Seven Last Words I: "Father, Forgive Them"

Seven Last Words II: Paradise

Seven Last Words III

Seven Last Words IV

Seven Last Words V: Into Your Hands

Seven Last Words VI

Seven Last Words VII