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Katrina Blog Project

My specialty is Internal Medicine/Pediatrics, or Med/Peds for short. What does this mean?

Basically, it means that I am board certified in two medical specialties, Internal Medicine (the treatment of diseases of the internal organs in adults), and Pediatrics (the treatment of diseases in children).

I got this double certification by spending 4 years in training at LSU. I spent 2 years learning about adult diseases and 2 years learning about pediatrics. Once I finished, I took and passed two exams, one by the American Board of Internal Medicine and the other by the American Board of Pediatrics. You can look on each of these boards' websites if you want proof of my certification.

There are only a few thousand doctors in the nation certified in both of theses specialties. I am the only one in the McComb area to be so double-boarded.


Find out more about Internal Medicine here.

Find out more about Pediatrics here.

Finally, find out about Med/Peds certification here.

You can check the following websites to verify my certification:

American Board of Internal Medicine

American Board of Pediatrics